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John Myatt is a brilliant artist who was involved in the biggest deception within the art world in the 20th Century by painting forgeries of famous artists such as Picasso & Monet.

He now legitimately paints “Genuine Fakes” and has a worldwide following.

Own a “Genuine Fake”

There are four ways to own a “Genuine Fake”.  John sells his original “fakes” through Castle Fine Art.  You can have a hand embellished giclée print, also through Castle Fine Art.

Green Eye Productions Academy, who are working on the film of John’s life, have produced prints and greeting cards.  You can also buy the book of the film “Genuine Fakes” through them.

Castle Fine Art

Own your own John Myatt Genuine Fake or a hand embellished canvas

Green Eye Productions Academy

Buy prints, cards and the book “Genuine Fakes” from this up and coming film company.

Red, green and blue FAKE artwork

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